FUTURE CHOICE College Consulting

FUTURE CHOICE College Consulting offers a focused, balanced approach to the college selection and application process through support and guidance tailored to individual needs. A student-driven strategy, sensitive to individual aspirations, based on good information and utilizing an agreed upon plan of action, will ultimately mean better choices, a better application and more offers of admission. It will also make it more likely that a student will flourish and graduate from college.

  • Guidance from start to finish, or support at any point along the way.
  • Assessment of individual needs, capabilities and aspirations for the best institutional matches.
  • Advice on each student profile, to cultivate a unique, compelling story.
  • A practiced ear, a creative approach, organizational know-how and institutional knowledge beyond the general resources available in books and online.

FUTURE CHOICE College Consulting is here to help you make the most of post-secondary educational opportunities for your children.