Cory Ann Alperstein, Principal
FUTURE CHOICE College Consulting

Cory Alperstein has been working with young people for many years to help them cultivate their intellectual, artistic and social capabilities, as they traverse the wide and varied landscape from childhood to adulthood. A graduate of the Ethical Culture/Fieldston Schools in New York City, she earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University in History with a focus on non-western cultural studies. In her career, she has developed and managed numerous programs for k-12 students, using the fine, performing and literary arts as building blocks in education. Over time she has cultivated an approach to education that prioritizes intellectual engagement, creative expression and critical thinking skills, placing each young person in a position to direct his or her own learning experience.

Ms. Alperstein draws upon a long and varied career for her current work as a college consultant:

Her work as a reader of applications for an Ivy League school has provided an insider look at the world of college admissions, and has given her a useful perspective on what matters in the college application process today. In addition, Ms. Alperstein draws particularly on her work as a writer and editor. In the past she has produced content for books, articles, newsletters and websites, and edited the work of numerous students in her outreach programs and tutoring. And of course, Ms. Alperstein has seen her two daughters successfully through the college admissions process, and they have come out largely unscathed and very happy with the results.

Cory Alperstein can be reached at FUTURE CHOICE College Consulting by phone at 609-937-4784 or through email at