Outline of Services

Future Choice College Consulting has designed an approach to the consulting process that allows for maximum flexibility. On average, in-person meetings are arranged in 1-2 hour blocks. Hourly rates include in-person meetings, research and preparation time, review of student materials, and phone/skype consultations as necessary. If clients choose to complete the entire process outlined below, they can expect a maximum of approximately 75 hours of consulting time. Actual time spent will vary greatly depending upon personal needs. A general description of work follows:

Assessing Your Interests and Aspirations

Personal profile (10-12hrs)

  • Completion of Student and Parent Questionnaires
  • Preparation of a preliminary Activity Profile
  • Review of profile results re interests and talents, learning style, academic priorities, aspirations and achievements, and other criteria important to college selection/admission process and recommendations about next steps.

College research, planning and outreach (10-15 hrs)

  • Overview of options for information gathering, including virtual and campus tours, “college days,” info sessions, high school college fairs and regional admissions presentations, recruiting and college outreach, overnights and class observation, informal input, etc.
  • Preparation of preliminary personal college search list
  • Client review/finalizing of preliminary college search list
  • Preparation of personal Q&A list for college visits
  • Preparation of itinerary for college visits for spring break, summer, early fall, weekends, day trips with/without interviews
  • Discussion and confirmation of revised, customized college list

Your Application Process:

How to begin (1-2 hrs)

  • Overview for a successful application process
  • Decisions regarding testing, high school course selection, application requirements, strategies for recommendations, summer plans, extra-curricular activities, etc.; everything that you should consider in order to make your college applications the best they can be.

Developing your action plan (4-6 hrs)

  • Mapping out a chronology for completion of the application process. An actual calendar might include decisions and deadlines for Early Decision, Early Action, rolling and regular admissions, testing, deadlines for high school Guidance reports and transcripts, meetings with counselors and teachers for recommendations, grades and score reports, on-going contact with colleges regarding visits, interviews, and other outreach, timing for essay production and editing, preparation of arts supplements and final application submissions.

Application preparation, review and editing (20-30 hrs)

  • Framing your story/brainstorming essay topics
  • Finalizing Activity Profile
  • Support on arts supplements, other supplemental materials, etc.
  • Ongoing review and support for editing and final completion of all parts of the Common Application and institutional supplements

 Interview prep (2-4 hours)

  • Practice interview sessions to build your personal voice, your confidence and your knowledge of what to expect
  • Planning for individual interviews as needed

Ongoing Outreach (1-2 hrs)

  • Planning for an ongoing project of interaction with institutional representatives to demonstrate serious interest in each school for which an application is being considered or has been completed
  • On-going interaction with school guidance counselors, college advisors, teachers and others who will contribute to your successful application process