Consulting Fee Structure

Future Choice College Consulting offers consulting services on an hourly basis. A minimum 6 hour commitment is required for all college advising services, exclusive of the free introductory session. These initial hours can be spent in a variety of ways, ranging from early help with research and planning to 11th hour essay brainstorming and application review. Additional hours can be contracted in 4-6 hour blocks based on the same hourly rate. In this way, clients maintain control of their consulting resources and can enlist support as needed.

Regardless of total hours contracted, in order to allow for a well organized, manageable approach, it makes sense to have an initial conversation the summer before junior year. Many clients find it helpful to meet even earlier, to discuss a broader framework for a wide range of considerations that can lead to a more successful application process. Decisions on high school courses, testing options, extra curricular activities, summer opportunities, and so on, if considered prior to a very hectic junior year, may change significantly how that year unfolds. FCcc offers a flexible fee structure so that meaningful conversations can take place early on, and work can proceed at necessary intervals throughout the last two years of high school.