FUTURE CHOICE College Consulting:
Excerpts from testimonial letters

Into Princeton Early Action:

I had decided to apply early to what I felt was a "reach" school and had not fully thought through how to best present myself on paper. Writing is not my strong point, and after hours of work, I was still struggling with how to get my point across. Cory was able to walk me through the main essays over the course of a few days, devoting hours to helping me stay focused. I learned a lot about editing as we went through several rough drafts. She made me more comfortable with the idea of remaining authentic while "selling" myself to the admissions officers. She was also expert in the general admissions process and the preparation needed over the course of one's high school career. After my experience working with Cory, I had a heightened sense of what I was capable of, better articulation and writing skills, and an offer of admission from Princeton.

A senior at the 11th hour:

In my application process to colleges, I procrastinated a lot and although I had been working on it on my own, I found myself completely unprepared as the January 1st deadline drew closer. Although my mother is a professional writer, I didn't feel comfortable asking her for help with essays because I knew the two of us would not work well together. Working with Cory was a more comfortable situation and she pushed me through the last stages of the application process, getting me from a place where I felt completely unprepared to a place where I could focus and work systematically to finish my applications in time.

A senior who turned things around:

Unfortunately, I didn't realize how late Cornell's ED response would be, and I was rejected only a couple weeks before the deadline for most other schools. I came to Cory Alperstein, frantic, without a college list, and only a vague idea of what I was expecting to find in a college. She gave me a crash course on college options and we quickly moved from assessing my preferences to reviewing my academic profile to shopping with brochures in hand and access online for the schools that would make it onto my personal list. I was exhausted by the end of this process, but confident and proud of my decisions and my work. The place I go to college will have a tremendous impact on the rest of my life, and without Cory's non-judgmental support, I know there is a good chance I would not have ended up at the right place; instead, I found the perfect fit!

A father's reflection on a great result:

When our daughter first started applying to university, we were under the impression that the college application stayed the same. Being first generation immigrants, we only knew how to apply to large public universities. It wasn't until quite late in the process that we realized she had a lot of work to do. She needed to choose a good group of schools, rework and produce new essays, and put together additional support materials, all in a matter of one or two weeks. With Cory's guidance, we were able to concentrate our time on small goals that mattered to college admission, and most of all, Cory made sure that our daughter was always in the driver's seat moving towards her deadlines. The results were stunning. Our daughter was accepted into four wonderful schools – Hamilton College, Bucknell University, Connecticut College and Davidson College. Each of these highly esteemed colleges was a beautiful match. Cory is the perfect recipe for success. She is the village that will help your high school senior towards their college future.